Development :

Winsplit-Revolution is developped in C/C++ using the Code::Blocks IDE and the wxWidgets library.

  • The project was initiated by Raphael Lencrerot who created the first versions up to 1.9.
  • Xavier Perrissoud joined the project in 2008 as a developper.

Special thanks to NX (from deviantart) for the icons design

Translations :

  • Reinhart Grüss : Deutsch translation
  • Diego García Morate : Spanish translation
  • Arturo Volpe : Italian translation
  • Frédéric Nouguier : Portugues translation
  • el_libre : Catalan translation
  • Sybren Peereboom : Dutch translation
  • Marek Woda : Polish translation
  • Geralt : Czech translation
  • Lin Tzu YuLin Tzu Yu : Traditional and Simplified Chinese translations

And also :

We also would like to thank all the users who tested Winsplit-Revolution, who have reported the problems they have encountered, who sometimes have provided solutions to these problems, or who simply congratulated us for this work.

And we won't forget to thank all the people who made a donation.